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All waxing treatments are almost pain free with up to 80% less painful than many salons around. In some cases even pain free.

This is due to many years of experience in waxing treatments.

Waxing Styles for Ladies

The Bikini Line Waxing method only removes the pubic hair that is exposed by a swimsuit.

A Brazilian Waxing removes all of the hair in the bikini area, including the crack of the buttocks but leaves a vertical strip in front of the pelvic area.

The Hollywood Waxing removes all the hair in the pelvic area, front and back including the crack of the buttocks.

The Brazilian, Hollywood and Bikini Waxing methods leave a smooth skin looking and feeling clean.

For a less painful hair removal hot wax treatment, I use the best brand of Hot Wax available in the market: Perron Rigot french brand. It is an amazing wax and it is so good for all types of skin.

For your waxing treatments in Notting Hill, Shepherd's Bush and Holland Park area call Pro Waxing.

Eyebrow and Eyelash - Tinting and Shape

Your eyelashes and eyebrows give a natural definition to your eyes.

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting is a semi permanent dye which is supposed to reduce the need for mascara.

It enhances your lashes and brows specially if they are fair so you will notice the tint more.

For your eyebrow and eyelash tint and shape treatment in Notting Hill, Shepherd's Bush and Holland Park area call Pro Waxing

Male Waxing

Professional Hair removal done by 13 years of experience with the best technique and the best products available.

For Male Waxing we offer:

Upper Body Waxing





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